About B4Real


B4Real is an end-to-end solution for people wishing to buy and sell real estate with crypto.

Our goal is to make it easy for real estate professionals to work with crypto, to unlock the power of digital currencies for a new market of property investors and home buyers, and democratise real estate investment via tokenised fractional ownership.

Why does it matter?

This is important because a growing number of people are using crypto as a pathway to homeownership to overcome the affordability problem, yet real estate professionals and lending providers are ill-equipped to service these buyers due to a knowledge, confidence and resource gap.

The Problem

B4Real has been created to help address three core problems affecting the market.

  1. Banks Are Reluctant to Work with Crypto

This makes it challenging for buyers to get mortgages when crypto is involved.

2. Real Estate Professionals Have A Knowledge Gap That Prevents Them From Capitalising On The Opportunity

A lack of standardization, understanding and suitable collaborative technology, perceived risk, and inconvenience is a roadblock for real estate professionals.

3. Rising Prices Creating A Barrier To Entry For Buyers

Rapidly increasing prices are squeezing would-be-buyers out of the market and forcing them to seek alternatives.

Pain points for our market

The Solution

B4Real will be the nexus between the most volatile market in history and the most stable market in history - Crypto and Real Estate.

Unlike other platforms that are simple marketplaces…

B4Real is an intelligent end-to-end solution for listers and buyers.

Crypto can be complicated, B4Real makes it simple.

How the B4Real platform works

Next steps

Take some time to read through our articles here on our blog and then head over to our main site to get involved.

Link: www.b4real.digital